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10 Best Tools for SEO

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Best SEO Tools are always in demand. The 10 SEO Best Tools which is listed in this blog can be really powerful for your growth. Digital publishers always feel nervous when they come to know that Google is updating its search algorithm and it can change the whole situation for them in an instant. Never mind these updates are also important to keep the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) highly relevant, but these small changes can have a big influence on your website traffic.  

Google sustain a very high level of confidentiality about its search algorithms that even the most intelligent digital marketers and publishers can’t find a way through it. Let’s first clear the concept of SEO, its types, and what are the most important factor that affects the ranking of a website on SERP, So come on let’s dive into it. 

What do you understand by Search Engine Optimization? 

SEO is a practice of strategies and techniques for increasing organic website traffic on search engine result pages. In simple words, SEO is a methodology used for improvising your website so that it can perform better in SERP. SEO helps a website to improve its ranking in SERP. Improved ranking means it can be visible to a larger audience and gain more website traffic

SEO exists in the DNA of any online business. It is a standout amongst other marketing systems that gives the highest ROI. SEO is unarguably the most ideal approach to interface with your expected customers than some other technique. But, executing a decent SEO strategy isn’t so straightforward with a ton of latest Google Ranking Algorithm Updates.  

SEO can assist you with quickening your sales, upgrade your credibility. It can play a major role in brand building and is a cost-effective technique with a long term impact. A decent SEO campaign can stay past for months, and even for a year after you quit spending cash on it. 

Best Seo Tools

Understanding the concept of On-Page SEO? 

It refers to various settings that you can put on your website for better optimization in search engines. You can use various strategies for optimization like image optimization, outbound links, internal links, content formatting, Meta description, etc. to rank higher and increase relevant website traffic. On-page SEO can be applied to both the HTML and content of the webpage.  

What is OFF page SEO?  

Any kind of activity that is done outside the boundaries of your webpage to increase its ranking and exposure is known as OFF page SEO. The most important of them are:  

  • Link Building
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social bookmarking

The most crucial factor of this technique is backlink building and link building from another website to your website. 

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What are SEO tools? 

SEO tools help site proprietors to rank higher on the search engine result page. This advances Web content by breaking it down for keywords, backlinks, and other SEO contemplations. With the help of SEO tools, you need not worry about committing any mistake because these tools can assist with every concern of yours regarding the website. 

I am providing you a list of 10 best SEO tools that can help you with your website and have the latest updates about google search algorithm: 

SEO Services


Ahrefs is the next-level solution that worth looking at, for publishers who need some additional assistance with keyword research. This tool looks at a site and produces keywords, links, and ranging profiles. It helps publishers to settle on more brilliant choices about the content they create and publish. The four major tools that publishers will need to use here are:

  • Content Explorer
  • Ahrefs Site Explorer
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Site Audit. 

Price: Free trial for 7 days will cost $7, for monthly plan you will need to pay $99. 

Ahrefs - SEO Tools & Resources To Grow Your Search Traffic

Moz’s Pro Tools  

Moz’s Pro Tools is perhaps one of the best solutions for SEO out there. This serves as a one for all for the publishers who need to improve their positioning in the search engine. These tools explicitly intended to identify new open doors in SEO, track site development, and develop custom reports. The Crawl Test tool utilizes Moz’s own web crawler to scan up to 3,000 links on a given URL. 

Price: Free trial with standard monthly plan of $99. 

Best SEO Solutions: Moz Tools Overview - VA Partners


BuzzStream is one of the most low-cost alternatives for link building. This internet-based application assists publishers with elevating their content to construct links and buzz. It is the most widely used link building tool for digital publishers. Publishers can utilize BuzzStream’s tools to explore potential out of the reach targets based on industry and deal with all outer communication surrounding the link building process. 

Price: Free trial with standard starter monthly plan of $24. 

Buzzstream Review & Outreach Link Building Tutorial


SEMrush has built up an extraordinarily nitty-gritty dashboard where publishers can see analysis of all the pages on their sites. Developed primarily for publishers needing to do keyword research, SEMrush is an online management platform that works uniquely in contrast to other SEO tools on this list. One of SEMrush’s most famous highlights enables users to connect to a webpage page to perceive what keywords that website page is ranking for.  

Users can likewise observe the month to month scan amount for those keywords. Publishers can utilize SEMrush to compare their webpage performance with contender’s sites and dissect backlinks from different sites to their own. 

Price: It is free to use, it also has a pro monthly subscription worth $99. 

SemRush: An Invaluable Tool - Ten Golden Rules

Yoast SEO 

Yoast SEO strolls publishers through each step as they enhance their Webpages for Google. This tool is presumably the most trending of all the SEO tools for digital publishers who run their sites on WordPress. Premium users have the access to do keyword research on this platform. They can likewise take advantage of tools for keyword improvement and view page reviews to perceive how their pages will look on Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Like other SEO tools on this rundown, Yoast SEO will watch out for a publisher’s most significant pages and send alerts when pages haven’t been changed or updated for at least five months. 

Price: Basic version is free, Premium version will require a yearly subscription of $89. 

Yoast SEO | Western Techies

Google’s Webmaster Tools 

Free to utilize and intended for essential site analysis, Google Webmaster Tools is developed in a way that makes it simple for rookies to use. Google’s Webmaster Tools is the primary spot digital publishers should go once they choose to begin concentrating on SEO.  

One of the most well-known highlights is PageSpeed Insights, which quantifies the speed of any site on PC or mobile. With page speed getting increasingly significant for publishers, PageSpeed Insights is one of the feature that publishers will need to look at. 

Price: Entirely free to use. 

6 Ways to Use Google's Webmaster Tools for SEO | London Academy of IT


Remove’em offers checking and service for penguin recovery that gets link data from significant suppliers like Moz and Ahrefs by itself to reveal bad links. Remove’em offers expert-level help and self-serve tools, for publishers who need extra help with taking care in cleaning up the bad links highlighting their site. It additionally gives publishers tools for campaign tracking to calculate each and everything from link quality and provide 3rd party checked reports. It is widely known for backlink removal. 

Price: $99/month 

Top 12 SEO tools of 2018 -The Complete SEO Tools List | TopTenss


Publishers who need checking tools to deal with their link building campaigns can utilize Linkody as it has may action to perform like track, discover, and even “disavow” backlinks from outsiders. Linkody’s backlink tracker is an amazingly precise approach to understand the execution of off-page SEO.  

Linkody additionally checks a publisher’s links and sends instant alerts as soon as links get lost or broken. Linkody is developed in such a way that makes it simple to use for anyone. 

Price: Free trial with basic plan of $15/month. 

Linkody SEO Group Buy Tool - Best Link Building and Monitoring Tool

All in One SEO Pack 

Publishers can utilize the All in One SEO Pack for editing robots.txt documents, edit .htaccess files without FTP, and brick “bad bots,” including reference spam. The All in One SEO Pack is one of the plugins developed for publishers on WordPress. This has a considerable lot of similar features as Yoast SEO, yet it’s more customizable. All in One SEO offers to uphold Google AMP and Google Analytics, also work as a support for SEO on custom post. 

Price: Free to use! 

WordPress All in One SEO Pack Plugin

Check My Links is an amazing tool that checks broken-links and editors can use them to discover mistakes in their articles before posting them on the internet. It features all the working links on a page with green highlights and all the broken links are highlighted with red color. This makes it simple for users to ensure that the links on all article pages are in working condition before clicking “publish” and it also helps in increasing the chances of articles to rank higher in Google SERP. 

Price: This extension tool is free to add on your browser. 

Check My Links verifies all links on a web page - gHacks Tech News

Final words 

In this ever-growing world, the need for intelligent SEO marketers is increasing day-by-day which is bringing a lot of opportunities for beginners to start building their career in digital marketing and progress step-by-step to become an expert in it. SEO is an important factor for a website to rank higher in Google SERP and SEO tools will provide all the crucial help for avoiding those mistakes which may fall between you and your website ranking. Do not compromise with your well-built website and try one of these tools to maintain a good structure of your webpages so that you can optimize them according to the latest Google search algorithms.  

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