10 digital marketing ideas to consider during covid-19

10 digital marketing ideas to consider during covid-19

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Digital Marketing can be a great move for any business to market itself online. Business marketing can really upscale a business. Pandemic was a desolating time for everyone. Also because many businesses had to shut down due to debt in their company. Yet there are many smart businesses that boomed in this obscure condition. The businesses which provided services online got an opportunity to engage with more customers on an online platform during the lockdown. People were frightened to meet in person for making business deals. At that condition, online platforms not only provided an interface to the customer but also engaged with a new set of audience who used to deal through offline sources.

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Digital Marketing Services

The major benefits of taking business online are as follows:- 

  • The minimal infrastructure of company building required. 
  • Healthy competition to provide better services. 
  • More investments in the products and the services. 
  • Efficient time management. 
  • Better feedback analysis of the customer. 

It’s not enough to be present online with your business. A company should have effective plans and strategies to make better outcomes digitally. There are various fields in which one should be aware of while taking the business online. Thorough knowledge of digital marketing, search engine optimization, and email marketing is mandatory to perform better online.

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Following are the ideas that you can consider:-

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing 

This is one of the best ways to earn your business from other businesses. In this, you provide links to your products and services to other websites, pages, apps, YouTube channels, etc. By doing so, the customer of other businesses will open the link of your affiliate link on their sites. This will promote your business from a trusted source. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing 

Once a customer reaches your website, you can provide signup or subscribe option to them by which they can know about the upcoming services from your business. It will engage your audience with your business in day to day life. Writing an effective and eye-catchy email is a good way to engage with your audience as well as ‘potential customer’. 

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Premium Membership

Premium membership 

Providing extra perks to the people who are willing to pay you extra is a good way of earning. Targeting an audience that seems to be your potential customer will give you a chance to engage with them for the long run. For doing that, you can make free trials of your services. And after that, they have to pay some penny to get the benefits for a longer period. They can also subscribe to the newsletter of your business. 

Paid Partnership

Paid partnership 

Nowadays, there is a trend of promoting your services on an interactive platform. Such platforms can be YouTube, Instagram, etc. In this, you have to tie up with a famous Instagrammer or YouTuber who has a trusted face and a huge audience. If a famous YouTuber or Instagrammer promotes your business through their video or post, a mass of people gets to know about your business. Doing so, one should not forget which audience they are targeting. The audience should be your potential customer otherwise, your paid partnership is not worth it. For example, a cosmetic-making company should tie-up with a trusted person who has relevant content in the field i.e, a beauty blogger. 

Cash On Delivery

Cash on delivery 

Nowadays, we hear a lot of complaints from customers regarding scams and fake product delivery. To compensate for the grievance, as well as to build a healthy and trusted relationship with our customer, we can provide cash on the delivery system to the customer so they can easily rely on the firm. Also, other facilities of easy returns and free delivery can be provided by some product making firms. 

What is SEO?


Search engine optimization, the best way to look at the top of the search engine, when suitable words regarding your business are entered in it. The relevant words for your business are called the keywords. These keywords should be relevant to your business so that you can be on the top of the search engine.

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Google Local Listing

Registering to local directories 

This is the best way to target the audience in your nearby surroundings. By registering in the local directories, you will be on the top of a local search. For example, you have a cake shop in New Delhi and want customers of the locality to visit your shop. You can register to local directories and when anyone who is looking for a cake shop writes ‘cake shop near me’, then the search engine will put your shop name on the top. This will not only provide the name and address of your shop but also maps, reviews, ratings, images, etc. of your shop too. Also one can add facilities and online services provided by them through local search. 

Paid search campaigns

One can be shown on the top of the search after bidding for the advertisement on the search engine. The best thing about paid search is that you will not pay if your advertisement is not opened by the user. You have to pay if the link to your website is opened. 

Customer Overseas

Customers overseas 

The digital world provides a platform for a great audience. As the audience increase, the number of potential customer increases. One can find a potential customer from another country too. Providing services through E-commerce in other countries will take your business to another level. It can only be done by the online and effective presence of your business.  

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Targeting potential customers

Targeting potential customers 

One has to know that the digital world is really huge. You cannot reach everyone. You only have to reach those people who look like your potential customer. For example, a cosmetic making firm needs to engage with more young girls who like new products for them. Targeting them and paying for the advertisement shown up to them is a better option than showing it to everyone. Otherwise, the investment will be bigger and go in vain. Digital marketing is a boom to this era if used smartly and effectively. 

Digital Marketing Services


If you’ve been searching for “what are some good marketing ideas” recently, I hope I have given you plenty to digest. What these COVID-19 marketing ideas show us are business owners that refuse to bury their heads despite the trying times. Hopefully you, too, can glean some insight from these smart marketing tips during the coronavirus and use them for your business.

Just be sure to adjust your strategies and marketing. Meet your customers where they are now (and that’s mostly at home and online). Find a way to pivot and give your business the best chance to stay afloat by making your website easily found online through a strategic SEO strategy.

Consult with our Digital Marketing Team to assist you taking your business online. Book your free appointment now!

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