9 Amazing Tips and Tricks to Use Canva Like a Pro

9 Amazing Tips and Tricks to Use Canva Like a Pro

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Tips to use Canva can be a great source of learning. The tips to use Canva mentioned in this blog will really help you grow as a learner. Researches and consequent data reveal that visual content, in the appearance of aesthetically pleasing designs, is generally better received by a wide range of audiences than in the written format. However, some may feel that consistently creating engaging and innovative content for social media can prove to be a tremendously time-consuming and strenuous task. Therefore, it is imperative to avail graphic design platforms and tools that are efficient and extremely simple to handle.

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Use Overlay to Insert Text on Top of an Image 

An overlay is but a shape that enables you to place a text on top of a busy image, thus, making it easier to read. 

To create and apply an overlay, you need to click on the rectangular shape that is available on the left side of the screen. 

Text Overlay Canva Step 1

Then, you have to select a preferred color and lower the transparency of the image such that the image does not overshadow the text. Also, you need to set the shape behind the text using the position option to obtain a more readable image. 

Text Overlay Canva Step 3

Use a Limited Palette and Contrasting Fonts 

Most beginners mistakenly make their designs in Canva too busy, which ultimately become neither appealing nor likable. Furthermore, such designs make it difficult to comprehend what is important in the design. As such, it is important to limit one’s palette to ensure that the designs are not just good to look at but also easy on the eyes. Similarly, it is also important to regulate the usage of colors and fonts in a particular design. 

Professional designers tend to limit themselves to the use of just four colors and two fonts in contrasting designs, which would work well together instead of clashing with one another. For example, if you are employing the clean Sans Serif design in the heading of your image, you may want to use the script font for the subheading, to create a contrast between the fonts. 

Use a Limited Palette and Contrasting Fonts

Exporting an Image as Transparent 

Canva generally offers the option of exporting an image as transparent, that is, in the absence of a background color of any sort, as part of its pro feature. However, educators can sign up for free by creating an account on the Canva for Educators to access all the available pro features. 

This feature is useful while creating logos, posters, or designs without any background to hinder the appeal of the product. The feature can be found under the download option as shown below: 

Create a transparent background in Canva

Use Canva Layers 

Although Canva does not possess discernible layers, objects, images, or texts in the graphic designing tool can be placed in front of or behind each other, thus, generating an invisible layer. 

The layers can be adjusted by using the position tool and placing the object at the front employing the forward tool or to the back utilizing the behind tool. 

Use Canva Layers

Use Collage Frames 

You do not have to suffer from the hassle of dragging several images and arranging them neatly and perfectly to create collages. Canva offers a set of pre-defined collage frames that assist the users in developing their preferred templates. You simply have to choose their favored template and drag the chosen images to fill the box, thus, creating a flawlessly made collage. The following are some examples of collages made using Canva: 

Canva Collage Frames

Use Canva Page Manager 

The page manager feature of Canva enables the user to change the projection of the pages on the screen. This feature is extremely helpful when dealing with large documents that would take a considerable amount of time to scroll to reach the desired page. 

The option found on the lower right-hand side of the screen, allows you to obtain a ‘bird’s eye view’ layout of the pages, from which the pages can be moved around, duplicated, or even deleted. Double-clicking a particular page will result in the full-size view of the selected page. 

 Canva Page Manager

Use Pre-defined Letter Frames 

Letter frames offered by Canva utilize alphabets in the form of picture frames to enhance the uniqueness of the design of the image. 

Images can be uploaded by dragging and dropping them into the letter frames, which can be found under the ‘Elements’ option from the design bar. 

Hyperlinks, that allow the user to click on a link to access a specified site, are extremely useful while creating eBooks, PDFs, or the like. 

To create a hyperlink, you need to select the text to which you want to attach the link, go to the upper right of the screen, click on the link icon and add the desired URL for the link. Finally, you have to click on ‘Apply’ to insert the hyperlink. It is necessary to realize that the links will work only if the document has been downloaded as a PDF. 

How to Create Hyperlinks in a PDF Using Canva

Use the ‘Show All From This Set’ Button 

Canva has added a new feature that allows you to access all the items from a particular feature. The option can be found as shown below: 

Show all from this set

Additional Tips 

  • Use the Pro Plan– Although Canva has a free plan, it is better to avail of the pro plan as it provides all that the free plan has to offer, on top of bestowing access to almost 60,000 templates and over 60 million stock photos, videos and similar images. 
  • Add Design Elements and Royalty-Free to Videos– Canva has the option of adding design elements to videos, which can be chosen from the ‘Elements’ option under the design menu, in both the free and pro versions. Additionally, royalty-free music chosen from Canva’s library can be added to the videos. 
  • Use the ‘Save as a Template’ Feature– The feature allows you to save a document that you will use quite often as a template such that it can be opened easily to make a few changes. The feature can be found in the upper right hand of the screen, under the ‘Publish’ option. 


Canva houses a lot many features that are designed for the use of both beginners and professionals owing to its simplicity and versatility. Graphic designing tools are tremendously helpful in creating visually appealing content that attracts people in all sectors. A professional and well-made visual content can promote any matter far competently than a mere written text. The afore-mentioned features will facilitate the transition of even the most amateur of users into an expert operator of Canva. 

If you wish to avail any of our Graphic Designing Services, be sure to schedule a free appointment with our creative team. 

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